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Burning Edges Art & Golf instruction 

Course Description

Basic Drawing I:
​An introductory course in techniques used in representing form, light and shadow, texture, perspective, composition, and expression using various drawing media.

Basic Drawing II:
Further exploration of various drawing materials and techniques. Emphasis on composition and development of a personal approach to drawing.

Figure Drawing:
Fundamentals of art anatomy and representation of the human figure. Drawing of draped figure in various media forms.

Color and Design:
Design principles and color theory. Problems in two-dimensional form using various media.
Mixed Media:
Through various art mediums, students will be introduced to different forms and techniques. They willexplore with such tools as drawing, painting, paper mache, and sculpting.**Targets State Standards for Fine Art**

Study of form, structure, and three-dimensional design as related to sculpture using various materials such as stone, plaster, clay, plastics, and metals.